3 July 2018

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  • Fairy tattoos

    The Fairy Bell is a personality created by the British creator James Matthew Barrie in 1904, by the play “The child who never wanted to grow” – whose story revolves across the protagonist, Peter Pan, the adventurous youngster created by fairies and He lived in […] More

  • Feather Tattoos: Designs, Concepts and Meanings

    The attractive feather tattoo design is wanted by those that admire physique artwork and Native American traditions and heritage. The feather designs have deep symbolic that means, they’re worn by women and men who select to characterize this image to their beliefs and heritage or […] More

  • Finger tattoo: concepts for a discreet and trendy tattoo

    The finger tattoo is small, discreet and chic. For greater than 25 years, tattooing has turn out to be extra common and right now beautifies the physique with an increasing number of individuals. It’s seen as a mode mark or just the will to be […] More

  • Household tattoos that characterize the union of family members

    The time period household comes from the Latin famulus that means serf. This time period originated in Historic Rome to be able to designate a present social clan that handled agriculture. A household is characterised by a gaggle of people with blood compatibility or legally […] More

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    Feminine Tummy Tattoos For Ladies

    The stomach of a girl might be one of many sexiest components of the physique that will also be a terrific place for a tattoo. Tattoo stomach is an historical artwork that has existed over time and nonetheless broadly well-known as of late. Females want […] More