29 July 2018

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  • A Pin-ups Tattoos filled with perspective and elegance on the arm

    Image of femininity, the pin-up, in its essence, represents the idealized model of girls in a sure period. They’re lovely fashions whose slender our bodies and voluptuous curves encantavam, implied and decided the requirements of magnificence and conduct. Though the provocative perspective was latent with […] More

  • Delicate and artistic hummingbird tattoos

    Small in dimension, lengthy beak, colourful and vibrant plumage, it’s the solely chicken that has the power to fly quick in any course – ready, even, to park within the air. Endowed with magnificence, softness, energy and magic, they’re creatures that convey us solely constructive […] More

  • 60 airplane tattoos to get impressed

    Small fowl, with lengthy pointed wings, forked tail and small beak. It has distinctive behaviors and traits that differentiate it from different birds as being able to hunt bugs within the air and prefers to all the time be accompanied, in giant teams. Many think […] More

  • Superior lion tattoos for animal lovers

    Of lengthy and muscular bearing, enamel, sharp claws, sturdy roar, quick hair, wrapped by a mane restricted solely to males, is taken into account the “King of Animals” – regardless of being the second largest feline on the planet. Fierce by nature and with elevated […] More

  • 65 hamsá tattoos to get impressed

    Hamsá is a phrase of Arabic origin to designate the quantity 5. Not by likelihood, its illustration is a symmetrical and stylized hand with the 5 fingers prolonged to check with the 5 senses, the degrees of the soul, the primary teachings of the Bible […] More