5 August 2018

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  • 50 Tattoos of Saint George

    Jorge de Anicii was born in a rich household within the area of Cappadocia within the 12 months 285. As a toddler he was transformed to Christianity and shortly after his father died, he moved to Palestine along with his mom. His warrior spirit and […] More

  • 65 Delicate and artistic hummingbird tattoos

    Small in dimension, lengthy beak, colourful and vibrant plumage, is the one Chook which has the flexibility to fly shortly in any path – even able to parking within the air. Endowed with magnificence, softness, energy and magic , are creatures that carry us solely […] More

  • 65 Tattoos of Hamsa

    Hamsa is a phrase of Arabic origin to indicate the quantity 5. It’s no coincidence that his depiction is a symmetrical, stylized hand with 5 fingers prolonged to confer with the 5 senses, soul ranges, first teachings of the Bible and the pillars of Islam […] More

  • 80 Superior Non secular Tattoos (finest images!)

    All through its historical past humanity has witnessed a collection of miracles and notable practitioners of goodness and heroic advantage, whether or not by means of philanthropy, love of neighbor, forgiveness, inexplicable treatment, protection of a trigger, perception and doctrine. They’re function fashions for selecting […] More

  • 65 Tattoos of the Virgin Mary

    First adept of the Christian faith, Mary had been honored from the start for her dedication to God. In response to the New Testomony of the Bible, he had been contemplated by him to conceive his son on earth, Jesus Christ. The time period respectful […] More