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  • Mermaid tattoo meanings and constructions

    When it comes to vintage maritime symbols, the mermaid comes in the front row as one of the best tattoos to go with it. The old-school tattoo design first became popular with sailors in the early 1900s. Mermaid tattoos were considered as a male tattoo, […] More

  • 65 Awesome lion tattoos for animal fans

    Of long and muscular bearing, strong teeth, sharp claws, strong roar, short hair, wrapped by a mane restricted only to males, is considered the ” King of the Animals “- despite being the second largest cat on the planet. Fierce by nature and with determined […] More

  • 65 Beautiful and Inspiring Lotus Flower Tattoos

    THE Lotus flower is a beautiful Asiatic water flower native to Asia that springs to the surface with immense ease in muddy waters. Surrounded by mysteries and particular characteristics, is the only one capable of removing microorganisms and dust particles from their leaves. In addition, […] More

  • 50 Tattoos of Saint George

    Jorge de Anicii was born in a wealthy family in the region of Cappadocia in the year 285. As a child he was converted to Christianity and soon after his father died, he moved to Palestine with his mother. His warrior spirit and combative nature […] More

  • 65 Delicate and creative hummingbird tattoos

    Small in size, long beak, colorful and vibrant plumage, is the only Bird which has the ability to fly quickly in any direction – even capable of parking in the air. Endowed with beauty, softness, power and magic , are creatures that bring us only […] More

  • 65 Tattoos of Hamsa

    Hamsa is a word of Arabic origin to denote the number five. It is no coincidence that his depiction is a symmetrical, stylized hand with five fingers extended to refer to the five senses, soul levels, first teachings of the Bible and the pillars of […] More

  • 80 Awesome Religious Tattoos (best photos!)

    Throughout its history humanity has witnessed a series of miracles and notable practitioners of goodness and heroic virtue, whether through philanthropy, love of neighbor, forgiveness, inexplicable cure, defense of a cause, belief and doctrine. They are role models for choosing the path of good and […] More

  • 65 Tattoos of the Virgin Mary

    First adept of the Christian religion, Mary had been venerated from the beginning for her dedication to God. According to the New Testament of the Bible, he had been contemplated by him to conceive his son on earth, Jesus Christ. The term respectful of the […] More

  • 120 Phrase Tattoos

    To embellish the body, to express its individuality, to expose its personality and style, to show the identification of social groups and even to reproduce a promise and / or declaration of love are some of the reasons that take countless adepts to the tattoo […] More

  • 60 Swallow Tattoos

    Small Bird with long, pointed wings, forked tail and small beak. It has unique behaviors and characteristics that differentiate it from other birds such as having the ability to hunt insects in the air and prefer to walk always accompanied, in large groups. Many consider […] More

  • 60 Beautiful and Inspiring Carp Tattoos

    Freshwater fish of Chinese origin. Of small mouth without teeth, long body, massive head and covered with big scales, the tents are known for their gentleness, strength, greatness and longevity – that can exceed twenty years impressive. Venerated by Asian cultures, the tents only favorable […] More

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