2 July 2018

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  • Eye Tattoo Designs with Meanings – 21 Concepts

    The symbolic eye has dominated in cultures for hundreds of years from the traditional Egyptians to the Christian custom. It’s believed that the eyes carry safety, omniscience, readability. Or they suppose it appears very attractive. No matter your eye tattoo means you’ll be able to […] More

  • Artistic and galvanizing clover tattoos

    Do you wish to know extra about clover tattoos? Try our article on symbology and references with images: There’s a distinction between the frequent clover and the four-leaf clover. Whereas the previous grows so simply in moist soils and spreads in a short time; the […] More

  • Compass Tattoos: Concepts and meanings

    Compass tattoos are available in a wide range of completely different kinds and variations. Though the compass tattoo is just not a mainstream tattoo design, it nonetheless has a recognition. This particularly for coastal areas around the globe. Compass tattoo designs are worn by women […] More

  • Eye tattoos

    Optical organ accountable for the manufacturing of pictures captured within the exterior area, reworked into nerve impulses and brought to the mind that does all of the processing of visible perceptions. In a extra poetic sense, the eyes are the reflection of the soul to […] More

  • Colourful dragon tattoo on the arm

    Do you wish to know extra about dragon tattoos? Check out our article that offers with the symbolism of the dragon and provides you lovely drawings with the theme:The dragon is a crucial determine of the mythology that accompanies civilizations since antiquity and the imaginary […] More