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  • Star Wars Tattoos – Incredible Photos

    The series Star Wars is a milestone in the history of contemporary cinema and the trigger of the era of “blockbusters” – whose term emerged in the 1940s to qualify a mega film production, blockbuster and commercialization of derivative products. Created by the filmmaker George […] More

  • Wolf tattoos that impress anyone

    The wolf is wild, rebellious, intelligent, feared, the otan hunter, with increased consciousness and nocturnal habit, is an ancestral being of the dog. Unlike this, it is an animal that man had not been able to tame – awakening, in this way, a mixture of […] More

  • A Pin-ups Tattoos full of attitude and style on the arm

    Symbol of femininity, the pin-up, in its essence, represents the idealized version of women in a certain era. They are beautiful models whose slender bodies and voluptuous curves encantavam, implied and determined the standards of beauty and behavior. Although the provocative attitude was latent with […] More

  • Delicate and creative hummingbird tattoos

    Small in size, long beak, colorful and vibrant plumage, it is the only bird that has the ability to fly fast in any direction – able, even, to park in the air. Endowed with beauty, softness, power and magic, they are creatures that bring us […] More

  • 60 airplane tattoos to get inspired

    Small bird, with long pointed wings, forked tail and small beak. It has unique behaviors and characteristics that differentiate it from other birds as having the ability to hunt insects in the air and prefers to always be accompanied, in large groups. Many consider it […] More

  • Awesome lion tattoos for animal lovers

    Of long and muscular bearing, teeth, sharp claws, strong roar, short hair, wrapped by a mane restricted only to males, is considered the “King of Animals” – despite being the second largest feline on the planet. Fierce by nature and with increased consciousness, they are […] More

  • 65 hamsá tattoos to get inspired

    Hamsá is a word of Arabic origin to designate the number five. Not by chance, its representation is a symmetrical and stylized hand with the five fingers extended to refer to the five senses, the levels of the soul, the first teachings of the Bible […] More

  • Star Tattoos

    Do you want to know more about star tattoos? Check out our article on symbology and references with drawings and photos: Star with own light and heat that conserves the same point in the celestial sphere. Of sparkling brilliance and nocturnal nature, the stars represent […] More

  • Dream filter tattoos

    Do you want to know more about filter tattoos of dreams? See our article with symbology and references with photos: On the filter of the sonhosArtefato typical of the Native American Indian culture, whose origin takes us to the tribe of the Ojibwa. They believed […] More

  • Creative and inspiring tigers tattoos

    Do you want to know more about tiger tattoos? See our article with the symbology and the best references with drawings and photos: With sharp teeth, long claws, large, fierce and agile, the tiger is one of the wildest felines in the world. Very territorial […] More

  • Amazing and inspiring cherry tattoos

    One unanimity among women of different ages and styles. Wonderful, fun, feminine, discreet and delicate, the cherry carries many meanings. In Ancient China, for example, this tasty little fruit represents longevity and eternity. Already in Japan, it is associated with the strength and destiny of […] More

  • Tattoos of beautiful and inspiring carps

    Freshwater fish of Chinese origin. Of mouth without teeth, long body, massive head and covered with large scales, the carps are known for their sweetness, strength, greatness and longevity – which can surpass impressive twenty years. Revered by Asian cultures, the tents are presented only […] More

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