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  • Amazing and inspiring lace tattoos

    The interpretation of the cord acquires greater relevance in the emotional field because it is associated with the bond, alliance, union, agreement, collaboration and contact, be it friendship, marriage, family, employment or affective. There is that some expressions have been created to underline the intensity […] More

  • Beautiful and inspiring butterfly tattoos

    The origin of the word butterfly is connected to psychology, that is, the spirit of the soul. Its metamorphosis is composed of four stages: largata (life), chrysalis (death) and the butterfly (resurrection) – acquiring in this way two senses: the evolutionary path of the soul […] More

  • Moon tattoos to get inspired

    Do you want to know more about moon tattoos? Check out our article below: The only natural satellite and the second brightest object in the sky, the moon exerts a great influence not only on gravity but also on evolution on our planet. Its synchronized […] More

  • Sun tattoos

    The Sun is the largest star in the Solar System. Its immense incandescent gas balloon radiates light for all the planets around it, being the main energy source of the Earth and responsible for the continuity of life. In its essence, the sun symbolizes vital […] More

  • Beautiful anchor tattoos

    Long before becoming popular, anchor tattoos were very common among sailors, naval officers and the Marines of the 1940s. Among the reasons that led them to be the great winnowers of this practice are: identification of the group; tribute to the wives and girlfriends who […] More

  • 55 Greek eye tattoo suggestions and seek protection

    The eyes are the mirror of the soul and the symbol of spiritual and mental expressions based on sensory perceptions. According to ancient beliefs, the eyes are capable of emitting and receiving varied energies. And to ward off the bad vibrations emanating from the eyes, […] More

  • 65 amazing Yin Yang tattoo suggestions

    The Basis of the Taoist doctrine of China, the Yin Yang represents the vital cosmic principles of the universe through two opposing but complementary poles and energies. Although they are opposite forces, they are inseparable elements, and the balance in the combination of both manifests […] More

  • Tattoos for women: cute photos to inspire

    The word tattoo comes from the French, tatouage. Although it is one of the most primitive forms of permanently adorning the body through illustrations, it is also an aesthetic expression object of worship in urban culture. As the fashion that through clothing communicates their identity, […] More

  • Ballerina tattoos

    Before making her ballerina tattoo, to know more about her symbolism: precursor of other dances, ballet is considered as the basis for the development of other rhythms and choreographies. Its origin takes us to the Renaissance period before the Italian court whose goal was to […] More

  • 70 Best grief tattoos and get inspired

    Light structure that covers the body of the birds and of extreme importance for their survival, as it protects against environmental factors or helps in flights. The pen has a deep symbology in various cultures, either because of the incredible ability to reach the sky […] More

  • Beautiful and inspiring diamond tattoos

    Of all the precious stones, the diamond of the queen alone. It is the hardest and most resistant stone composed of pure carbon and formed by the action and intense pressure of heat for thousands of years. Able to refract the full spectrum of light, […] More

  • Spectacular hand tattoos (the best photos!)

    The tattoo is a mark of your history that will remain forever registered your body. Therefore, every precaution is necessary when choosing the symbol as well as the place to be tattooed. For those who move to adrenaline, challenge and encouragement, nothing better than choosing […] More

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