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  • Sasha Unisex Tattoos

    Sasha Unisex Tattoos The Sasha Unisex tattoo style has many characteristics. Its geometric shapes, without outline, and vibrant ink make it a unique style. It is most popular for people who are seeking tattoos that are colorful, textured, and unique. Some Sasha motifs are inspired […] More

  • Symbols and Designs for Family Unisex Tattoos

    Symbols and Designs for Family Unisex Tattoos When choosing a family tattoo design, there are a variety of symbols to consider. Whether you’re looking for a personal statement or want to commemorate a special occasion, there’s a design for everyone. Celtic knots are classic examples […] More

  • Sasha Unisex Tattoo Studio

    Sasha Unisex Tattoo Studio Sasha Unisex is a top-notch tattoo artist that many people envy and even try to emulate. She studied graphic design at the Lviv National Academy of Arts and then honed her skills in tattooing to create perfect, beautiful designs. Unlike other […] More

  • Sasha UNIX Tattoo Price

    Sasha UNIX Tattoo Price The cost of a Sasha Unisex tattoo can vary, but you should be prepared to pay a little more than you normally would. This style of tattoo is considered to be modern and fresh, unlike the traditional styles that imitate the […] More

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