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  • 55 samurai tattoo suggestions and get inspired

    The word samurai comes from the verb saburai, which corresponds to “he who serves the Lord”. They are noble warriors of feudal Japan who defended the interests of authority and exercised great power in all spheres of society. Their different way of life influenced the […] More

  • 55 amazing Superman tattoos and get inspired

    Superman is a character created by the American publisher DC Comics whose first appearance was in the comic magazine of Action Comics in 1938. He is singled out as one of the greatest heroes of pop culture for his history and purpose of life as […] More

  • Tattoos of super mario bros

    Launched in 1980 by Nintendo, Super Mario Bros has revolutionized the area of ​​video games with an innovative platform of lateral displacement. Size of success has elevated it to the best-selling game of all time, with a distribution of more than 520 million copies among […] More

  • Harry Potter tattoos that you will want to have

    There are many examples of how the spirit of Harry Potter has been tattooed on the body of a man, or a woman, as a reminder of how important it has been in his journey through the lives of all. L The Harry Potter story […] More

  • 36 designs of impressive Disney tattoos

    Who said that Disney cartoons are just for kids? Any Disney character inspires a person of any age. It’s a great idea to have Disney characters tattooed on your skin. You can tattoo Beauty and the Beast, Jasmin, Sinbad, Mickey, Goofy, etc. and have them […] More

  • Tattoos of the Indies: the best photos to admire

    An Indian is identified as one who identifies with an indigenous community and is recognized as a member of it. Since the arrival of the first settlers in Brazil, the indigenous community still suffers, unfortunately, with the imposition and discrimination of its members. According to […] More

  • Joker Tattoos

    The Joker is one of the most iconic and popular characters in comics and movies. Created in 1940 by the American publisher DC Comics, the Joker, who plays the roles of crime genius and mortal enemy of the superhero Batman. Although he is very intelligent, […] More

  • Beautiful and Inspiring Simpsons Tattoos

    The most popular animated family of television entertains us with its adventures since 1987. Created by the cartoonist Matthew Groening, The Simpsons was first aired on the TV show The Tracey Ullman Show, on the Fox channel. In principle, the shapes of the characters were […] More

  • 60 amazing Batman tattoo suggestions and find the inspiration

    Fictional character created by the American comics publisher DC Comics, in 1939. Unlike other protagonists, Batman is not endowed with superpowers – which makes him a rare and powerful “human” hero who fights against the evil of Gotham City by means of his advanced intelligence, […] More

  • Best Of Alice In Wonderland Tattoos

    Since 1951, people have been captivated by Disney’s classic Alice in Wonderland. Even today, it is difficult to go through life without remembering the cult classic where we turn it around. Hundreds of spin-offs have been created based on the original film and artists and […] More

  • What Disney princesses would look like in a modern version

    The artist Nata St. Art He imagined the Disney Princesses in the modern world and drew them with tattoos, taking selfies, using social networks and playing video games. That’s what Disney princesses would look like in a modern version in 2017. 1. Bella 2. Ariel, […] More

  • 70 Super Mario Bros Tattoos

    Released in 1980 by Nintendo, Super Mario Bros revolutionized the area of ​​video game games with an innovative side scrolling platform. Size success has elevated him to the best selling game of all time with a distribution of more than 520 million copies among the […] More

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