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  • Male Arm Tattoos: 120 Creative Drawings to Inspire

    Tattooing is the reflection of what you are, you do, you think. Therefore, all caution is necessary before putting into practice the icon to be tattooed. Although the styles and options are diverse, check the symbology behind the drawing so as not to cause regrets […] More

  • 65 Clown Tattoos

    Clown originates from the Italian word pagliaccio . Scholars point out that the figure similar to the modern clown whose job it was to devote himself to the art of laughing came in Ancient Egypt in 2,500 BC. In addition to entertaining, his role is […] More

  • Wolf tattoos that impress anyone

    The wolf is wild, rebellious, intelligent, feared, the otan hunter, with increased consciousness and nocturnal habit, is an ancestral being of the dog. Unlike this, it is an animal that man had not been able to tame – awakening, in this way, a mixture of […] More

  • Men’s Tattoos on the Leg (best photos!)

    The image reveals who you are, all the time. And, through the figure, the shape and the tattoo technique chosen, it is possible to communicate some aspects of his personality, positioning, identification with certain social groups, lifestyle, preferences. It is like a personal and non-transferable […] More

  • Men’s tattoos on the arm – perfect photos

    The tattoo is the reflection of what it is, does, thinks. Therefore, all precautions are necessary before putting into practice the icon of being tattooed. Although the styles and options are different, check the symbology behind the drawing so as not to cause regrets in […] More

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    40+ Unique Forearm Tattoos for Men With Style

    When considering a tattoo on the forearm, you have two options. The upper part of the forearm, where each wandering through the eyes can take a look, or the lower part of the forearm, which receives a large amount of less sun and is a […] More

  • 50 Best And Stunning Chest Tattoos For Men

    Chest Designs and Tattoo Ideas For Men The chest is the best piece of body in the form of art tattoo. There are varieties of tattoo designs on the chest. Most of you want to have attractive tattoos on your chest. Chest tattoos are getting […] More

  • 55 Awesomest Tribal Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

    Best Tribal Tattoos Designs and Ideas for Men and Women Tribals are the best tattoo designs for men and women. Both men and women love getting tribal tattoos on their skin. The popularity of tribal tattoos due to the fact that many of the famous […] More

  • Spectacular Neck Tattoo Designs

    Tattooing requires a lot of thought and allows you to consider many factors. Although it is considered a form of art and most results really look great, not all people agree with that. For those people who despise seeing a tattoo on their own or […] More

  • Creative Elephant Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

    Elephants are huge animals with significance in many cultures, particularly in Asia and Africa. These huge creatures can be used to scare the ranks of enemies at war, but are not considered to be quite deep meaning. These days, elephants have become part of the […] More

  • Zoom on the tribal tattoo, its meaning and its history

    You have decided to offer you a tattoo and you wonder if the tribal tattoo is a good idea for you. Where does this expression come from and what does it mean more precisely? Is there any special meaning behind tattoo tribal symbols? In short, […] More

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