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  • Best Trending Tattoos For Men

    Best Trending Tattoos For Men The best trending tattoos for men are those that combine symbols and nature. Watercolor tattoos are popular. These images look like they were painted by Vincent Van Gogh and are very detailed. Many people are swayed by these designs because […] More

  • Are Tattoos a Trend?

    Are Tattoos a Trend? With tattoos on the rise, the question is: Are tattoos a trend? A recent survey suggests that 67% of millennials have a tattoo on their skin. The reasons vary from being a personal connection to the past to a reminder of […] More

  • 90s Tattoo Trends

    90s Tattoo Trends The ‘noughties’ were the heyday of tattoo design. Lower back and wrist band tattoos were the norm, as was a small finger with a novelty moustache. Musician Rihanna made them popular, introducing trendy star tattoos. The ’90s were the era of Yin […] More

  • 2022 Tattoo Trends For Men

    2022 Tattoo Trends For Men Tattoos have been a part of the male body for centuries, and there is no doubt that the sexy designs of the future will continue to be as popular as the designs of the past. This year, many of the […] More

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