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  • Small Animal Tattoos For Females

    Small Animal Tattoos For Females If you’re looking for a small animal tattoo, you’ve come to the right place. Wolves are a common choice, and while some people might associate wolves with bad behavior, this is not always the case. They’re actually part of European […] More

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    Small Character Tattoos

    Small Character Tattoos Getting a small character tattoo is not difficult, but there are a few things you should consider before getting one. Most people are not comfortable having their ink placed in a private area, but some places are more appropriate than others. The […] More

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    Popular Anime Girl With Tattoos

    Popular Anime Girl With Tattoos One of the many interesting aspects of the popular anime series Black Lagoon is the anime girl with tattoos. Revy is a rebellious, aggressive character with a curled tribal pattern on her upper arm. Her skills with a gun and […] More

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    Realistic Animal Tattoos

    Realistic Animal Tattoos If you want a tattoo that looks realistic, you can choose a realistic animal design. A chimpanzee is a great choice, but if you want something a bit more terrifying, a wolf is the way to go. There are many great places […] More

  • Pretty Chinese Character Tattoos

    Pretty Chinese Character Tattoos Whether you are a man or woman, a teenager or a college student, Chinese character tattoos are a timeless, universal design that can be adapted to fit your personality. If you are choosy about the placement of your tattoo, a small […] More

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    Simple Animal Tattoos For Guys

    Simple Animal Tattoos For Guys Simple animal tattoos are a great way to express yourself with a permanent, beautiful design. You can choose a tattoo that represents your pet’s name, nature, or even spiritual beliefs. It’s important to choose a design that you’ll like and […] More

  • Popular Chinese Character Tattoos

    Popular Chinese Character Tattoos For over a decade, Chinese symbols and characters have become a popular way to get tattoos. The graceful curves of the Chinese language and their countless interpretations make them ideal tattoo designs. Unlike the English words or phrases, though, which are […] More

  • Scariest Movie Character Tattoos

    Scariest Movie Character Tattoos Some of the scariest movie characters have tattoos. You can get a slasher’s face, a vampire’s head, a zombie, a ghost, a demon, or anything else that will make you cringe. There are plenty of places to get a scariest movie […] More

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    Small Cartoon Character Tattoos

    Small Cartoon Character Tattoos The smallest cartoon character tattoos are cute and perfect for children. They are fun and can also represent your love for Mickey and Minnie. Many kids grow up watching these animated characters and have grown to love them. This is one […] More

  • Small Disney Character Tattoos

    Small Disney Character Tattoos If you are looking for a fun date idea, why not get a Disney tattoo? Tinkerbell and Peter Pan are fun and underrated characters. And if you love Mickey and Minnie, this is a surefire way to get inked with them. […] More

  • Scary Movie Character Tattoos

    Scary Movie Character Tattoos Pixar is one of the most famous and popular film companies. It is not uncommon to see fans getting tattoos of their favorite Pixar characters. Often, their movies are filled with heartwarming messages, and the characters become synonymous with certain feelings, […] More

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