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  • Venerate Jesus Christ Tattoo Designs

    If tattooing is a trend and an addiction that somehow influences a lot of people, then I can say that its goals are the same with religion. Although, there are innumerable efforts to explain religion through facts and science, this aspect of human life is […] More

  • 38 small tattoo designs for girls

    The tattoo is one of the oldest forms of art that had gained popularity since the last decade. Tattooing the body had become a popular art form and it is believed that the tattoo improves the appearance of the person. Women love the small tattoos […] More

  • Tattoos of Saint George

    Jorge de Anicii was born into a wealthy family in the region of Capadocia in the year 285. Even a child converted to Christianity after the death of his father, he moved to Palestine with his mother. His warrior spirit and combative nature, led him […] More

  • Tattoos of Jesus Christ

    Jesus is a name from the Hebrew language and means Savior and the Eternity of God. The respectful term Jesus Christ comes from the Old Testament of the Bible to refer to a religious vision of the important and memorable image of Jesus. The central […] More

  • Dreamcatcher Tattoo – Its Meaning and 22 Ideas

    Why not choose a dream catcher tattoo so it can keep the nice dreams you try the bad dreams. Discover the origin of Dreamcatcher Tattoo and its true meaning. They exist in a variety of different patterns and colors, and they can be decorated with […] More

  • Hook tattoos and the meanings

    A tattoo design that you may be interested in is the hook tattoo. Although hook tattoos are not mainstream, but a popular tattoo. Hook tattoo designs are generally popular in the coastal region. Hook tattoos are worn by men and women. Hook tattoos come in […] More

  • Skull Tattoos – 20 Ideas with Meaning

    We almost all know that the skull is mostly associated with death. I think that’s why the skull and crossbones hang on Spanish cemeteries in front of the entrance – this tradition has existed for centuries. The skull tattoo actually has many different meanings it […] More

  • Sugar Skull Tattoos: 23 ideas with meaning

    The sugar skull is associated with the Mexican tradition where one celebrates the day of the dead. Skull is associated with dead and loss but because it is made from sugar too. In this article, I’ll explain in detail what a sugar skull tattoo symbolizes […] More

  • 20 sword tattoo motifs and their symbolic meaning

    When it comes to swords it is one of the world’s most famous tattoo symbols and one of the oldest motifs. Schwerte has been around for thousands of years. One of the most popular tattoos as mentioned are the Swords and most in the Asian […] More

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