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  • 65 Tattoos of Hamsa

    Hamsa is a word of Arabic origin to denote the number five. It is no coincidence that his depiction is a symmetrical, stylized hand with five fingers extended to refer to the five senses, soul levels, first teachings of the Bible and the pillars of […] More

  • 70 Tattoo Pin-ups

    Symbol of femininity, the pin-up , in essence, represents the idealized version of the woman at a given time . They are beautiful models whose slim bodies and voluptuous curves enchanted, enveloped, and determined patterns of beauty and behavior . Although the provocative attitude was […] More

  • 110 Female Tattoos on the Back (best photos!)

    Want to know more about Female tattoos on the back ? So check out our article: The tattoo is a memory of your story in which it will be carried forever into your body. The elected symbol reveals much about their ideals, experiences, personality and […] More

  • 70 Amazing and Inspirational Tie Tattoos

    The interpretation of the tie emotional relevance because it is associated with bond, alliance, union, agreement, partnership and contact , be it friendship, matrimonial, family, employment or affective. It is here that some expressions have been created to emphasize the intensity of feelings, such as […] More

  • 50 Tattoos of Ladybugs

    Small in size, short legs, sensitive antennae and developed wings, the ladybug is a unanimity among insects. Its graceful beauty enchants it by the vibrant color and pattern of spots that protect it from predators as well as a subtle and tiny spherical body shape. […] More

  • 33 beautiful daisy tattoos and their meanings

    There are a variety of beautiful daisy tattoos in different designs colors and patterns that also have different meanings. It is a very popular tattoo among women and has deep symbolic connotations for the wearer. It also has a lot of symbolic stories that you […] More

  • Amazing and inspiring lace tattoos

    The interpretation of the cord acquires greater relevance in the emotional field because it is associated with the bond, alliance, union, agreement, collaboration and contact, be it friendship, marriage, family, employment or affective. There is that some expressions have been created to underline the intensity […] More

  • Wolf tattoos that impress anyone

    The wolf is wild, rebellious, intelligent, feared, the otan hunter, with increased consciousness and nocturnal habit, is an ancestral being of the dog. Unlike this, it is an animal that man had not been able to tame – awakening, in this way, a mixture of […] More

  • Dream filter tattoos

    Do you want to know more about filter tattoos of dreams? See our article with symbology and references with photos: On the filter of the sonhosArtefato typical of the Native American Indian culture, whose origin takes us to the tribe of the Ojibwa. They believed […] More

  • Mandala Tattoos: the best photos!

    The mandala has its origin in the Sanskrit language which means circumference, fullness. It is a mystical diagram connected internally by geometric elements that are repeated forming a fractal pattern – the structure is related to the contours of nature, the evolution of life and […] More

  • 70 creative flower tattoo suggestions and get inspired

    The flowers carry a powerful and strong symbolism in various cultures. These give us and delight with its explosion of colors, fragrant aroma, intrinsic beauty and delicacy. Constant presence in all important moments of life whether to celebrate, seal, promote, remember and honor. Through them, […] More

  • Tattoos for women: cute photos to inspire

    The word tattoo comes from the French, tatouage. Although it is one of the most primitive forms of permanently adorning the body through illustrations, it is also an aesthetic expression object of worship in urban culture. As the fashion that through clothing communicates their identity, […] More

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