28 July 2018

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  • Star Tattoos

    Do you wish to know extra about star tattoos? Take a look at our article on symbology and references with drawings and photographs: Star with personal gentle and warmth that conserves the identical level within the celestial sphere. Of glowing brilliance and nocturnal nature, the […] More

  • Dream filter tattoos

    Do you need to know extra about filter tattoos of goals? See our article with symbology and references with photographs: On the filter of the sonhosArtefato typical of the Native American Indian tradition, whose origin takes us to the tribe of the Ojibwa. They believed […] More

  • Inventive and galvanizing tigers tattoos

    Do you need to know extra about tiger tattoos? See our article with the symbology and the very best references with drawings and photographs: With sharp enamel, lengthy claws, massive, fierce and agile, the tiger is among the wildest felines on the planet. Very territorial […] More

  • Superb and galvanizing cherry tattoos

    One unanimity amongst ladies of various ages and kinds. Fantastic, enjoyable, female, discreet and delicate, the cherry carries many meanings. In Historic China, for instance, this tasty little fruit represents longevity and eternity. Already in Japan, it’s related to the energy and future of the […] More

  • Tattoos of gorgeous and galvanizing carps

    Freshwater fish of Chinese language origin. Of mouth with out enamel, lengthy physique, huge head and lined with massive scales, the carps are recognized for his or her sweetness, power, greatness and longevity – which may surpass spectacular twenty years. Revered by Asian cultures, the […] More