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  • 12 beautiful kangaroo tattoos and their meanings

    I’m sure even though they have never been to Australia they know the kangaroos as if they’ve been there before, they are very intrigued animals in nature and also as tattoos. In this article you will learn more about the kangaroos and also about the […] More

  • 65 Beautiful and Inspiring Lotus Flower Tattoos

    THE Lotus flower is a beautiful Asiatic water flower native to Asia that springs to the surface with immense ease in muddy waters. Surrounded by mysteries and particular characteristics, is the only one capable of removing microorganisms and dust particles from their leaves. In addition, […] More

  • 60 Beautiful and Inspiring Carp Tattoos

    Freshwater fish of Chinese origin. Of small mouth without teeth, long body, massive head and covered with big scales, the tents are known for their gentleness, strength, greatness and longevity – that can exceed twenty years impressive. Venerated by Asian cultures, the tents only favorable […] More

  • 80 Tattoos on the Beautiful Hand (the best photos!)

    The tattoo is a mark of your history that will forever be registered your body. Therefore, all caution is necessary when choosing the symbol as well as the place to be tattooed. For those who are moved to adrenaline, challenge and encouragement, nothing better than […] More

  • 90 Disney Character Tattoos – Beautiful Pictures

    Visionary, persevering, talented and optimistic, Walter Elias Disney was a man beyond and ahead of his time. He was responsible for the creation and production of the first and colorful cartoon Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as well as bringing the category to the […] More

  • 33 beautiful daisy tattoos and their meanings

    There are a variety of beautiful daisy tattoos in different designs colors and patterns that also have different meanings. It is a very popular tattoo among women and has deep symbolic connotations for the wearer. It also has a lot of symbolic stories that you […] More

  • Tattoos of beautiful and inspiring carps

    Freshwater fish of Chinese origin. Of mouth without teeth, long body, massive head and covered with large scales, the carps are known for their sweetness, strength, greatness and longevity – which can surpass impressive twenty years. Revered by Asian cultures, the tents are presented only […] More

  • Beautiful and inspiring fairy tattoos

    Fairies are beings of mythology, folklore and literature, and represent the universe of fantasy and its magical power of imagination. Its origin comes from the Greek and Roman mythologies in which they were responsible for the destinies of men, from their youth to old age. […] More

  • Beautiful and inspiring butterfly tattoos

    The origin of the word butterfly is connected to psychology, that is, the spirit of the soul. Its metamorphosis is composed of four stages: largata (life), chrysalis (death) and the butterfly (resurrection) – acquiring in this way two senses: the evolutionary path of the soul […] More

  • Beautiful and inspiring phoenix tattoos

    Do you want to know more about phoenix tattoos? See our article with symbology and reference photos: Splendid mythological bird of intense color, with long wings, immeasurable strength, fluorescent plumage, very sweet song and miraculous tears able to heal any wound. Mystical symbol, it is […] More

  • Beautiful and Inspiring Heart Tattoos

    The tattoos of hearts are the universal supreme symbol of love. It also represents vigor, spirit, authenticity, equality, intelligence, divine power, renewal, compassion. Center of decision, of life, is where destiny is defined depending on the way each one sees in a certain situation. It […] More

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