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  • Feather Tattoos: Designs, Concepts and Meanings

    The attractive feather tattoo design is wanted by those that admire physique artwork and Native American traditions and heritage. The feather designs have deep symbolic that means, they’re worn by women and men who select to characterize this image to their beliefs and heritage or […] More

  • Feather Tattoos 2018, to see them you may wish to have one.

    The feather tattoo has its personal meanings, for instance: the eagle image means authority and victory; the Owl as an emblem of knowledge and understanding; Peacock feathers include eyes that symbolize concern for the world, and so on. Right here we present you some small […] More

  • Feather tattoo: which means and 20 tattoo concepts to find

    The feather tattoo is most frequently related to Native American tribes. In most tribes, the feather symbolized the power and knowledge of the birds. Native American peoples used feathers of their ritual ceremonies as a result of the feather represented the spirit of the hen. […] More