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  • 20 sword tattoo motifs and their symbolic meaning

    When it comes to swords it is one of the world’s most famous tattoo symbols and one of the oldest motifs. Schwerte has been around for thousands of years. One of the most popular tattoos as mentioned are the Swords and most in the Asian […] More

  • Medusa Tattoos: 20 ideas with meaning

    The Medusa is portrayed in many stories as a victim or villain. In this article I will tell you the story of Medusa and show the meanings of Medusa Tattoo. The history of Medusa Medusa is described as someone who fascinated men with her looks. […] More

  • Hamsa (The Hand of Fatima) Tattoo – Meaning & 30 Ideas

    What symbolizes a Hamsa hand tattoo? The Hamsa Hand is a popular talisman in many different cultures and is also used in many religions. It has always been used in art jewelry and other artifacts. Lately it’s also used very often as a tattoo because […] More

  • 18 beautiful swan tattoos and their meaning

    The swan is more than just a bird, it is an essence of balance and harmony. It is also a symbol of transformation through enlightenment. In the classic fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling is transformed into a being of perfection. A swan after learning how […] More

  • 20 stunning swallows tattoos and their meaning

    The Swallow Tattoo is a mainstream tattoo for women, though some men have you too. Swallow tattoos can be presented in a variety of different ways and can be combined with a variety of different symbols and elements, in different colors and sizes. So it […] More

  • Starfish tattoo designs and ideas with meaning

    A beautiful and symbolic maritime tattoo that you may find interesting is the starfish tattoo. Starfish tattoos have a value of symbolic meaning. Starfish tattoos can be worn by both men and women. Starfish are an incredible creature of the deep sea and have been […] More

  • 26 Wolf Tattoo Ideas – Pictures and Meaning

    These majestic creatures embody a multitude of human attributes, details of which will be found in the article. The history of wolf tattoos In some cultures, they are the predators of the night, the hunters our darkest nightmares. In other countries, they are noble warriors, […] More

  • 33 paws tattoo ideas – pictures and meaning

    There are a variety of different meanings attributed to paw tattoos, especially with which animal the paw has to do to get the paws a different meaning and which culture represents the paw. The story of the animal paw If you are looking for a […] More

  • Lizards Tattoo – Its Meaning and 18 Ideas

    Tattoos of lizards are a great way to express any number of personality traits and deep symbolism. The cry of a frightened person is usually the first sign that a lizard is nearby. On the top list come lizards snakes and reptiles where people say […] More

  • 27 wonderful dragonfly tattoos and their meaning

    Dragonflies have a touch of mystique and charm that can not be ignored. There are several meanings they will learn in the article what these meanings are exactly a lot of fun reading. The history of the dragonflies Imagine a beautiful summer’s day by the […] More

  • 30 outstanding elephant tattoos and their meaning

    The elephant tattoo can represent a multitude of different meanings for those who wear this tattoo. The elephant tattoo symbolizes several positive meanings towards the wearer. But remember, in the end, your elephant tattoo represents what you want, below are the meanings behind the elephant […] More

  • 18 cute ladybug tattoo ideas – pictures and meaning

    The ladybird tattoo is very symbolic and holds many positive meaning like a tattoo. The ladybird is known in a variety of different cultures and it is a popular tattoo choice for women around the world. With all the positive associations of the ladybug, it […] More

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