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  • 110 Female Tattoos on the Back (best photos!)

    Want to know more about Female tattoos on the back ? So check out our article: The tattoo is a memory of your story in which it will be carried forever into your body. The elected symbol reveals much about their ideals, experiences, personality and […] More

  • 80 Star Wars Tattoos – Awesome Photos

    The Star Wars series is a milestone in the history of contemporary cinema and the fuse of the era of Blockbusters whose term emerged in the 1940s to qualify a mega film production, box office success and marketing of derivative products. Created by filmmaker George […] More

  • 70 Tattoos of India: the best photos to admire

    It is denominated Indian the one that identifies with an indigenous community and is recognized as a member. Since the arrival of the first settlers in Brazil, the indigenous community still suffers, unfortunately, with the imposition and discrimination of its members. According to IBGE, the […] More

  • 70 photos of skull tattoos

    From Latin calvary , which means skeleton or cranial box. THE skull is the legitimate and final configuration of the face after the body advances through the state of decomposition. For this reason, this figure represents ambiguous character and goes against personal interpretations. Because it […] More

  • Disney Character Tattoos – Spectacular Photos

    Visionary, persevering, talented and optimistic, Walter Elias Disney was a man outside and ahead of his time. He was responsible for the creation and production of the first and colorful of the Snow White cartoons and the Seven Enanitos, as well as taking the category […] More

  • Star Wars Tattoos – Incredible Photos

    The series Star Wars is a milestone in the history of contemporary cinema and the trigger of the era of “blockbusters” – whose term emerged in the 1940s to qualify a mega film production, blockbuster and commercialization of derivative products. Created by the filmmaker George […] More

  • Men’s Tattoos on the Leg (best photos!)

    The image reveals who you are, all the time. And, through the figure, the shape and the tattoo technique chosen, it is possible to communicate some aspects of his personality, positioning, identification with certain social groups, lifestyle, preferences. It is like a personal and non-transferable […] More

  • Mandala Tattoos: the best photos!

    The mandala has its origin in the Sanskrit language which means circumference, fullness. It is a mystical diagram connected internally by geometric elements that are repeated forming a fractal pattern – the structure is related to the contours of nature, the evolution of life and […] More

  • Tattoos for women: cute photos to inspire

    The word tattoo comes from the French, tatouage. Although it is one of the most primitive forms of permanently adorning the body through illustrations, it is also an aesthetic expression object of worship in urban culture. As the fashion that through clothing communicates their identity, […] More

  • Men’s tattoos on the arm – perfect photos

    The tattoo is the reflection of what it is, does, thinks. Therefore, all precautions are necessary before putting into practice the icon of being tattooed. Although the styles and options are different, check the symbology behind the drawing so as not to cause regrets in […] More

  • Awesome octopus tattoos – photos

    The octopus is a mollusk that lives in the depths of the sea, and carries with it a deep symbology. It has a highly developed nervous system which makes it the most intelligent and ingenious invertebrate in the world. His movement is agile; your body, […] More

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