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  • 27 buffalo tattoo ideas – pictures and meaning

    Buffalo tattoos are more motives for men alone because of the dangerous look it is very popular among men of course there are also exceptions where women use this motif as a tattoo in this article they will get to know the meanings of buffalo […] More

  • 29 monkey tattoo ideas: pictures and meanings

    How about a monkey tattoo! Whether you’re inspired by the mishaps of Jack the Monkey in Pirates of the Caribbean or the artwork in the movie 12 Monkeys, tattoos, these weird characters fit into every personality and style. You will learn in this article what […] More

  • 20 deer tattoo ideas – pictures and meaning

    One of the tattoos you might be interested in is the Hirsch Tattoo, although it’s not a mainstream tattoo, it’s still popular despite everything. The deer is mostly preferred by men but there are also some women who choose deer as a tattoo motif. In […] More

  • 90 Disney Character Tattoos – Beautiful Pictures

    Visionary, persevering, talented and optimistic, Walter Elias Disney was a man beyond and ahead of his time. He was responsible for the creation and production of the first and colorful cartoon Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as well as bringing the category to the […] More

  • Pictures of skull tattoos

    From the Latin calvaria, which means skeleton or cranial box. The skull is the legitimate and final configuration of the face after the body move through the state of decomposition. For this reason, this figure represents the ambiguous character and goes from encounter to personal […] More

  • 24 Spinning Tattoo Ideas – Pictures and Meaning

    From the indigenous cultures of the Pacific Islands to the indigenous peoples in the depths of the Amazon – jungle life, people all over the world have the fascinating spider in high regard. The story of the spiders A nest of spiders is a stuff […] More

  • 22 bear tattoo ideas – pictures and meaning

    Many bears embody a whole range of characteristics that vary in meaning they find different meanings of bear tattoos below in the article. Bear tattoos and their story Bears are more than just the cute little toys in stores around the world. Native American shamans […] More

  • Whale tattoos – pictures and drawings

    The largest marine mammal has more than four meters in length. The ocean giant is known for its intelligence; the ease in the displacement through the tail – this, even, is the digital – developed social behavior, in which, they feed and protect the newest […] More

  • Sharks Tattoos (the best pictures!)

    Wild, fast, indomitable and conquering, the shark intrigues and still causes fear with its devastating and deadly bite. Steven Spielberg’s film Tiburon boosted his bad reputation, and invoked contradictory emotions: now, of threat and violence, audacity and courage. Although it is misunderstood until today, the […] More

  • 19 Crocodile Tattoo Designs – Pictures and Meaning

    Alligators and crocodiles Tattoos have different meanings, the meanings depend on the culture. The History of Alligator & Crocodile Tattoos Crocodiles and alligators have been around since the dinosaur era. They are the ultimate consideration of artists and face their passion for craftsmanship, they are […] More

  • 180 Delicate Female Tattoos – Beautiful Pictures

    Delicate Female Tattoos – if before the tattoo was restricted to certain groups and synonymous with rebellion and marginality, today definitely represents a lifestyle, a status fashion . The art of permanently beautifying the body conquers, more and more, numerous adepts among the most varied […] More

  • 60 Tattoos of Whale – Pictures and Drawings Lindos

    The largest marine mammal is over four meters long. The oceanic giant is known for its intelligence; ease in the displacement through the tail – this, even, is its digital – developed social behavior, in which the younger and sick are nourished and protected; and […] More

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