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    The tattoo is a mark of your history that will remain forever registered your body. Therefore, every precaution is necessary when choosing the symbol as well as the place to be tattooed. For those who move to adrenaline, challenge and encouragement, nothing better than choosing […] More

  • Tattoos on the Wrist (the most spectacular photos!)

    The tattoo is a work of art appreciated since 3,300 years BC, There are those who do it to beautify the body; others prefer to enhance their individuality through the personalized symbol. If before the modification of the body it was considered a taboo and […] More

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    If before the tattoo was restricted to certain groups and synonymous with rebellion and marginality, today, without a doubt, represents a lifestyle, a fashionable state. The art of embellishing permanently in the body of the conquest, more and more, numerous followers among the most varied […] More

  • Russian Doll Tattoo Matrioska – Spectacular Photos

    The traditional doll is the symbol of Russian culture. Of cylindrical and rounded shape, it is composed by a sequence of other little dolls made in order of size and protected inside. Its particularity resides in a varied composition of decorative elements of painting, incorporating […] More

  • 40 Spectacular Eagle Tattoo Ideas

    We humans have a great fascination for the birds, and get presented in a different way. Birds are so colorful and you have to fly a nice life in the sky most of the time. This is really amazing. So if you will talk about […] More