24 July 2018

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  • 70 inventive flower tattoo recommendations and get impressed

    The flowers carry a robust and powerful symbolism in varied cultures. These give us and delight with its explosion of colours, aromatic aroma, intrinsic magnificence and delicacy. Fixed presence in all necessary moments of life whether or not to have fun, seal, promote, bear in […] More

  • 55 Greek eye tattoo strategies and search safety

    The eyes are the mirror of the soul and the image of non secular and psychological expressions primarily based on sensory perceptions. In accordance with historic beliefs, the eyes are able to emitting and receiving various energies. And to chase away the dangerous vibrations emanating […] More

  • Elephant tattoos

    The elephants are playful, expressive, dramatic, sociable, disenchanted, joyful and well-linked, is the most important terrestrial mammal. They differ from different animals by their potential to display emotions and needs; work in groups in a unprecedented strategy to defend in opposition to predators; preserve a […] More

  • 70 wonderful balloon tattoo options and get impressed

    The origin of the phrase globe comes from the time period in French balon, which suggests ball or spherical component. It’s an plane lighter than air and that travels via the sky via the exterior impulses of atmospheric currents or beneath the command of its […] More

  • 55 samurai tattoo options and get impressed

    The phrase samurai comes from the verb saburai, which corresponds to “he who serves the Lord”. They’re noble warriors of feudal Japan who defended the pursuits of authority and exercised nice energy in all spheres of society. Their completely different lifestyle influenced the behaviors and […] More