31 July 2018

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  • 50 Tattoos of Ladybugs

    Small in dimension, quick legs, delicate antennae and developed wings, the ladybug is a unanimity amongst bugs. Its sleek magnificence enchants it by the colourful shade and sample of spots that defend it from predators in addition to a refined and tiny spherical physique form. […] More

  • 65 Clown Tattoos

    Clown originates from the Italian phrase pagliaccio . Students level out that the determine just like the trendy clown whose job it was to dedicate himself to the artwork of laughing got here in Historical Egypt in 2,500 BC. Along with entertaining, his position continues […] More

  • 33 stunning daisy tattoos and their meanings

    There are a selection of lovely daisy tattoos in several designs colours and patterns that even have totally different meanings. It’s a extremely popular tattoo amongst girls and has deep symbolic connotations for the wearer. It additionally has a variety of symbolic tales that you’ll […] More

  • 25 Star Tattoo Concepts: Photos and Meanings

    In case you are a lover of physique artwork will probably be simpler so that you can perceive the meanings of every motif on this article you’ll get to know the star tattoo motifs and the story behind the celebrities. In case you are enthusiastic […] More