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    65 Turtle Tattoos

    THE turtle is a reptile that lives in marine or terrestrial water. With toothless beak, four strong legs and hard bone armor capable of providing shelter and protection from enemies – just squeeze inside it almost completely and remain inert. Although known for its slowness […] More

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    70 Super Mario Bros Tattoos

    Released in 1980 by Nintendo, Super Mario Bros revolutionized the area of ​​video game games with an innovative side scrolling platform. Size success has elevated him to the best selling game of all time with a distribution of more than 520 million copies among the […] More

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    60 Tattoos of Music

    Greek word of origin that means “art of the muses” in allusion to the Greek mythology. By music it is possible to express and share feelings, to bring to the surface unforgettable memories or sad moments, to unite people, to have more inspiration, to raise […] More