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    The octopus is a mollusk that lives in the depths of the sea, and carries with it a deep symbology. It has a highly developed nervous system which makes it the most intelligent and ingenious invertebrate in the world. His movement is agile; your body, […] More

  • Awesome Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

    Once, I had a chance meeting with an Indian princess who managed to hypnotize me with her flamboyant lotus flower tattoo designs that I saw were carved on different parts of her body. The designs that were printed are not only pretty, but also had […] More

  • Awesome About the Science of Tattoo Designs

    Science makes real magic, the known unknown, and the unexplained clear. Since the scientific revolution, the promotion of human life has never ceased to stop and continues pushing upwards. Science introduces us to the world of facts, figures, and brilliant minds. The prevailing laws of […] More

  • Top 50 Best and Awesome Tattoos for Men

    Tattoos For Men The tattoos are beautiful and charming. Tattoos are the symbol of personal freedom and thoughts. It comes in many designs and shapes. Love everyone who have tattoos. Except for those who love their jobs. Tattoos are becoming the brand for new generations. […] More

  • 40 Awesome Foot Tattoo Ideas 2018

    Another trendy style has now become very popular to do foot Tattoos. Mainly, these foot Tattoos are very popular among the women. The foot is a very attractive place for women, and if a tattoo is it will be made more attractive. Foot Tattoos can […] More