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  • Creative and inspiring tigers tattoos

    Do you want to know more about tiger tattoos? See our article with the symbology and the best references with drawings and photos: With sharp teeth, long claws, large, fierce and agile, the tiger is one of the wildest felines in the world. Very territorial […] More

  • Creative and inspiring pepper tattoos

    Word that comes from the Latin pigmentum, and that means matter that has coloring, ink. Protector of health, is a seasoning that exerts a great power in the body works as a nasal congestion, helps in digestion, accelerates metabolism and has an immense antioxidant power. […] More

  • Infinite tattoos creative and inspiring

    Do you want to know about infinity tattoos? See our article on symbology and check out the photos: Important icon in the culture and mythology, its origin comes from the Ancient Egypt, in which the infinite assumes the figure of the serpent that eats its […] More

  • 70 creative flower tattoo suggestions and get inspired

    The flowers carry a powerful and strong symbolism in various cultures. These give us and delight with its explosion of colors, fragrant aroma, intrinsic beauty and delicacy. Constant presence in all important moments of life whether to celebrate, seal, promote, remember and honor. Through them, […] More

  • 270 Tattoos for women, creative, beautiful and inspiring

    When it comes to getting a tattoo, especially in the case of women, finding the appropriate design, which can combine creativity, the feminine and the delicate, is an uncomplicated task. Above all this is something that happens when women are in search of design for […] More

  • Creative Angel Wing Tattoos

    Angel wing tattoos are well-liked all over the world by men and women simply because angels are considered messengers of god and are synonymous with faith and godly soul. As far as the body of beautification or tattooing is concerned, angel wing tattoos have always […] More

  • Creative Elephant Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

    Elephants are huge animals with significance in many cultures, particularly in Asia and Africa. These huge creatures can be used to scare the ranks of enemies at war, but are not considered to be quite deep meaning. These days, elephants have become part of the […] More

  • Finger Tattoos – Beautiful and Creative Models

    Tattoos on the finger: the act of skin coloring is a particular way of expressing your identity, personality, values ​​and preferences through the chosen symbol. It is a lifestyle that is gaining more and more followers in the whole world. Synonymous with charm and audacity, […] More

  • Creative and inspiring clover tattoos

    Do you want to know more about clover tattoos? Check out our article on symbology and references with photos: There is a distinction between the common clover and the four-leaf clover. While the former grows so easily in moist soils and spreads very quickly; the […] More

  • Tattoos of Inspiring and Creative Men

    Do you want to know more about men’s tattoos? Then check out our article: The tattoo is a way to record permanently in your body, your own story, it is a decisive moment, meaningful conquest and even an act of love to a special person. […] More

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