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  • Amazing and inspiring cherry tattoos

    One unanimity among women of different ages and styles. Wonderful, fun, feminine, discreet and delicate, the cherry carries many meanings. In Ancient China, for example, this tasty little fruit represents longevity and eternity. Already in Japan, it is associated with the strength and destiny of […] More

  • Tattoos of beautiful and inspiring carps

    Freshwater fish of Chinese origin. Of mouth without teeth, long body, massive head and covered with large scales, the carps are known for their sweetness, strength, greatness and longevity – which can surpass impressive twenty years. Revered by Asian cultures, the tents are presented only […] More

  • Beautiful and inspiring fairy tattoos

    Fairies are beings of mythology, folklore and literature, and represent the universe of fantasy and its magical power of imagination. Its origin comes from the Greek and Roman mythologies in which they were responsible for the destinies of men, from their youth to old age. […] More

  • Beautiful and inspiring butterfly tattoos

    The origin of the word butterfly is connected to psychology, that is, the spirit of the soul. Its metamorphosis is composed of four stages: largata (life), chrysalis (death) and the butterfly (resurrection) – acquiring in this way two senses: the evolutionary path of the soul […] More

  • Creative and inspiring pepper tattoos

    Word that comes from the Latin pigmentum, and that means matter that has coloring, ink. Protector of health, is a seasoning that exerts a great power in the body works as a nasal congestion, helps in digestion, accelerates metabolism and has an immense antioxidant power. […] More

  • Beautiful and inspiring phoenix tattoos

    Do you want to know more about phoenix tattoos? See our article with symbology and reference photos: Splendid mythological bird of intense color, with long wings, immeasurable strength, fluorescent plumage, very sweet song and miraculous tears able to heal any wound. Mystical symbol, it is […] More

  • Infinite tattoos creative and inspiring

    Do you want to know about infinity tattoos? See our article on symbology and check out the photos: Important icon in the culture and mythology, its origin comes from the Ancient Egypt, in which the infinite assumes the figure of the serpent that eats its […] More

  • Beautiful and Inspiring Heart Tattoos

    The tattoos of hearts are the universal supreme symbol of love. It also represents vigor, spirit, authenticity, equality, intelligence, divine power, renewal, compassion. Center of decision, of life, is where destiny is defined depending on the way each one sees in a certain situation. It […] More

  • Beautiful and inspiring bird tattoos

    Birds have a relevant symbolic position in different cultures and religions. Equipped with wings and with skill to reach the sky, they were considered as auxiliaries of the gods, angels and messengers of the terrestrial and celestial worlds, among the peoples of antiquity. In Egypt, […] More

  • Beautiful and inspiring crown tattoos

    Democratic, the crown tattoo marks the bodies of men and women of different forms of life and vary in color and size. It is one of the designs most requested by “beginners” for being more discreet – even in most cases, the session is unique […] More

  • Beautiful and inspiring rabbit tattoos

    The figure of the rabbit is present in mythology, religion, the horoscope and acquires similar meanings. In Egyptian mythology it represents intelligence, birth and hope. In many cultures such as the Aztec, Mayan, Chinese and Japanese this nice creature is associated with the moon for […] More

  • Beautiful and inspiring diamond tattoos

    Of all the precious stones, the diamond of the queen alone. It is the hardest and most resistant stone composed of pure carbon and formed by the action and intense pressure of heat for thousands of years. Able to refract the full spectrum of light, […] More

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