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Sexy Bone Pass Tattoos For Women


Being a woman, I feel there are no better tattoo designs than collarbone and tattoos that really bring out the sex appeal in us. If you are a woman and want to display a sexy tattoo design, you do not have to think twice before getting a tattoo bone necklace that I feel from the collarbone, tattoo designs look visually appealing and yes, you can show the world at any time you want!

Tattoo artists these days have developed such cool clavicle patterns that have been rarely seen a few years back, such as geometric tattoo bone collar, seen in one of the pictures in today’s post that The lists from bottom to top 60 clavicle tattoo ideas look sexy at the base. Like the geometric tattoo bone collar, there are many other patterns that can be engraved on a bone necklace, but, care must be taken while choosing the best tattoo collar bone from a necklace. Bone is a part of your body that will be visible almost all the time.


I have seen a tendency for girls to get words engraved on their neck bones in different fonts and styles. These wording clavicle tattoo ideas are unique in their appearance and enhance the feminine aspect of a woman’s personality. Labels like quotes and phrases are particularly favored by women and are usually inked in a color, ie, black. Some women prefer to get set of messages or passages from famous engraved novels.

Clavicle script designs are of a more elaborate form of state formulation, and can be done in any color that one prefers. Many people get these engraved scripts that have a deep symbolic or spiritual meaning attached to them. Some of these states, start from the clavicle, and cover most of the chest.

Scripts and wordings are not the only designs you can think of when planning to get a bone chunk piece for yourself, but there are other creations like little symbols, ranging from rosebuds , birds, flowers, feathered stars that look just as good and bring out a woman’s femininity. In the pictures below, there is a whole lot of flowers and birds, which can be seen engraved on the bones of women’s necklace. Music notes are in vogue these days and, however, their look is minimalist, yet, these look great and enhance the sensuality of a woman.


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