Venerate Jesus Christ Tattoo Designs


If tattooing is a trend and an addiction that somehow influences a lot of people, then I can say that its goals are the same with religion. Although, there are innumerable efforts to explain religion through facts and science, this aspect of human life is still empowered by faith alone. However, even with faith as the foundation, it is still considered the most powerful institution in the world.


There are a number of famous religions around the world and one of them is Christianity. Christianity is represented by a number, Jesus Christ. The face of Jesus Christ alone is so powerful that millions of people would literally die just to express their love and devotion to him. Not only the face of Jesus Christ, there are also many symbols and faces that evoke Christianity as the crucifix or crown of thorns. If theres a unique thing of Christianity that distinguishes it from other religions, it is the “mishmash” of symbolism and notables (saints).


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