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60 Swallow Tattoos

Small Bird with long, pointed wings, forked tail and small beak. It has unique behaviors and characteristics that differentiate it from other birds such as having the ability to hunt insects in the air and prefer to walk always accompanied, in large groups. Many consider it as the bird of departure and return because it is migratory , that is to say, vacate cold places to go in search of abundant foods in more pleasant places – for this reason it is known like the signal of the spring. Its symbology is extremely positive, so it is a very popular tattoo design. In Greek mythology it is related to the goddess of the maternal essence, Isis, who turned the night into a swallow mourning the death of her beloved husband. His image manifests the cycle of existence: life, death and resurrection. The Islam religion sees him as the “bird of glory” and symbolizes abdication and good companion. In China it represents fertility and fidelity, since, these always return to their “homeland” after the period of migration. Already in Estonia it acquires greater importance: it is a national symbol and expresses freedom, autonomy and infinite happiness. The reproduction of the swallow in the tattoos began among the sailors of the 1940s. Because it was a bird that crossed the seas, traveled long distances and returned safely, many chose it to symbolize good luck and hope of returning to their homes. In addition, being a monogamous bird, manifests true love, integrity and fidelity be with family, partner, friends. There are those who adopt it for representing their experiences and adventures of life for being a migratory bird. Others elect it by bringing the spring cycle filled with good energies, news, abundance, and growth. Anyway, the models and styles are numerous.

60 swallow tattoos to inspire

See below in our gallery 60 amazing and admirable suggestions of swallow tattoos and reach new flights: Picture 1 – Black swallow having fun with smiling girl 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 2 – Realistic swallow on the wrist 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 3 – Enjoy the body area and include a beautiful texture 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 4 – In honor of his daughters 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 5 – Messenger of love 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 6 – Geometric swallow and monochrome 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 7 – Two swallows symbolize freedom 60 Swallow Tattoos


Picture 8 – Swallow with the key and two initials 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 9 – The swallow unites people 60 Swallow TattoosImage 10 – Autonomy, independence and daring 60 Swallow TattoosImage 11 – Very delicate traces of shades of gray on the shoulder 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 12 – Incredible color combination! 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 13 – How about a contour swallow with very striking features? 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 14 – Three swallows covered and small in the wrist 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 15 – Old School Tattoo Style 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 16 – Rich textures make the swallow more vibrant and beautiful! 60 Swallow TattoosImage 17 – Sign of spring 60 Swallow TattoosImage 18 – Curved traces with a significant sentence underneath 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 19 – Well feminine with the flowers and the branch in the beak 60 Swallow TattoosImage 20 – The swallow represents eternal love and faithfulness 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 21 – Different patterns throughout the body of the swallow 60 Swallow TattoosImage 22 – Two symbols of the assembled sailors 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 23 – Feathers falling while flying 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 24 – Symbols of luck 60 Swallow TattoosImage 25 – Gray Swallow in the Leg 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 26 – Graceful, gentle and delicate in the arm 60 Swallow TattoosImage 27 – Traditional drawing in hand 60 Swallow TattoosImage 28 – Cute version with a fun touch 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 29 – The swallow fits easily in any area of ​​the body 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 30 – How about using the imagination and stamping this group on the wrist? 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 31 – Perfect combination: swallow and flowers 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 32 – Realistic and well executed 60 Swallow TattoosImage 33 – Do you prefer color or B & W? 60 Swallow TattoosImage 34 – Swallows prefer to live in groups 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 35 – Homage to someone important in your life 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 36 – No contours and watercolor leave the tattoo more feminine, light and delicate 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 37 – Add other elements to your tattoo and stand out! 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 38 – Covered swallow and monochrome 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 39 – Minimalist but full of style 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 40 – Declaration of love for your parents 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 41 – How about a graceful swallow behind the ear? 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 42 – Honoring Paloma 60 Swallow TattoosImage 43 – Accurate lines, pointillism and different textures 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 44 – Watercolor swallow: impossible not to fall in love! 60 Swallow TattoosImage 45 – Gray Swallow in the Arm 60 Swallow TattoosImage 46 – Geometric, striking and distinct 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 47 – Fly 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 48 – And now you are mine! 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 49 – Swallow with a four leaf clover 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 50 – Bold and bold! 60 Swallow TattoosImage 51 – Travelers’ guide 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 52 – Arm Swallow Tattoo 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 53 – A small but remarkable swallow on the wrist 60 Swallow TattoosImage 54 – Lighting up your family 60 Swallow TattoosImage 55 – Memorable swallow in hand in shades of gray 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 56 – Flying across the coasts 60 Swallow TattoosImage 57 – Powerful Trio in the Arm 60 Swallow TattoosImage 58 – If we were against the world, now it’s just me 60 Swallow TattoosImage 59 – Swallow in love with music 60 Swallow TattoosPicture 60 – How about a double of the noise in the wrists? 60 Swallow Tattoos

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