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Adorable Plush Panda Tattoo Designs


Pandas are unquestionably the most adorable animal in the world. Have you seen a cub panda just roll on the floor and nobody cares? It’s the most beautiful thing ever.

Giant pandas are considered as symbols of peace and love for nature. A panda landed even as the iconic logo for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which aims to protect animals around the world. As a symbol for the protection of animals, panda of the population is also one of the considered “endangered” and, unfortunately, most of them from the moment can only be seen in shelters. Collaborative efforts are already being made to restore the number of pandas to a safe level for them to flourish again in the wild.


Recently, a panda also made in the money screen and hit blockbuster records because of its potential. Very ironic though, pandas who are considered shy and adorable in real life become a kung fu master in movies that saves the world. However, the concept is really an impact, not only for children but also for children at heart.


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