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Awesome Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs


Once, I had a chance meeting with an Indian princess who managed to hypnotize me with her flamboyant lotus flower tattoo designs that I saw were carved on different parts of her body. The designs that were printed are not only pretty, but also had a certain element of style attached to them. Now, you must all be thinking that a lotus is as cool as the carved decor as any other tattoo flower? Well, yes and I intend to get one very soon!

A lotus is a flower that grows in muddy water only to get more exotic and holiest, as it grows. This is why a lotus is one of the few varieties of flowers that is offered to the gods during prayer despite the truth of its origin. Lotus flower tattoo designs are popular not only in India, where one can spot women with lotus tattoo designs inked very often, but are equally famous in Asia as well as Western countries.


Lotus Flower tattoo designs are loved all over the world for their beauty and purity. These tattoo designs have a unique charm that can not be compared to any other flower pattern. If someone asks me my preference for a tattoo flower, it would be a lotus flower tattoo design hands down since this flower can be inked into such a complex so that no rose or lily can even to approach. Most people like the way a lotus can be made to come alive on the skin using a myriad of features and colors by the tattoo artist. Women often prefer to ink lotus flowers, whether alone or with other motives than lend more appeal.

A lotus flower tattoo design can become the most loved in possession of your body, if done in the right way, with its feminine large petals spread out elegantly to reveal its beautiful and exotic interior that seems to hold the wisdom and knowledge.


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