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Creative Elephant Tattoo Designs For Men And Women


Elephants are huge animals with significance in many cultures, particularly in Asia and Africa. These huge creatures can be used to scare the ranks of enemies at war, but are not considered to be quite deep meaning.

These days, elephants have become part of the fashion world. Elephant tattoos have been and are becoming more and more and more popular among tattoo lovers. Even when tattooed, they do not only have a sense attached to them, but many and enough symbolic meanings. Prosperity is an adjective that is often associated with elephants. Strength and protection are still other adjectives that are often associated with an elephant. However, the list does not stop there. Other meanings that are associated with elephant tattoo designs include luck, strength, peace, wisdom, nobility, memory, longevity, determination, invincibility, fidelity , community, creation, determination, and happiness.


The tattoo elephant of meaning and variations

The elephant, as mentioned above, is an animal associated with many symbolic meanings and therefore has a lot of variations when it comes to the tattoo card. Let us take a look at some of these.

The symbol of holiness …

A tattoo elephant is also considered sacred and holy for the animal is considered sacred in many cultures, such as Indians. Even Pliny, a Roman philosopher considered as sacred elephants and says they symbolized renewal.

Elephant Tribal Tattoos – Nature Link …

Tribal tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers, and the elephant tattoo design is yet another favorite in tribal tattoos. The exact meaning of the tribe elephant tattoos has been lost in time, but is considered a link to our Mother Nature.


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