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Flower tattoo: ideas, meanings and photo selection


Flower tattoo: ideas, meanings and photo selection

The flower tattoo is soft, elegant and discreet. It is perfect for a tattoo arm, tattoo forearm, finger tattoo, tattoo wrist or ankle … If you want to get a tattoo of a pretty flower and you wonder what model to choose, this article is for you!

Flower tattoo: ideas and tips in pictures

We recently became interested in tree tattoo , now it’s the turn of the flower tattoo! Zoom on this beautiful delicate tattoo and selection of our favorite flower tattoos.

Flower tattoo: ideas, meanings and photo selection

The language of flowers

Do you know why we offer flowers? This tradition is at the origin of a mythology rich in symbolism. The flowers are indeed impregnated with meaning and meanings. We tried to unravel the hidden mysteries of some species of flowers here. The Japanese call the flowers Hanakotoba. For them, the language of flowers is a secular art form. The floriography is an imaginary name invented in the Victorian era that refers to the symbolism of flowers and the ability to express what we mean by offering flowers to someone.


Flower tattoo: ideas, meanings and photo selection

Below you will find a short list of some of the most common plant and flower species and their symbolic meanings. As you will see, the interpretations are really very numerous and often frustrated.

oat – she associates herself with music, but also with health

Azalea – temperance, fragility, gratitude, passion, Chinese symbol of femininity

Dahlia – dignity and elegance

Cherry flower – positive change, Japanese symbol of sweetness or kindness, Chinese symbol of female beauty

Gardenia – love, joy, good luck

Hibiscus – unique and sweet beauty

Iris – love, success, happiness

Jasmine – eternal and sweet love

Ivy – fidelity and endurance

Lilac – love, fidelity, purity

Lily – innocence, love, purity, passion and desire

Lavender – love at first sight, devotion, eternal love, gratitude, calm

Laurel – victory, success, glory

Lotus – purity, eloquence, renewal, awakening

Magnolia – love of nature


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