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Lily tattoos and their meanings

A beautiful flower tattoo that you might want to consider is the lily tattoo. Although the lily tattoo is not a mainstream, there is a popularity for the tattoo. The lily tattoo can be portrayed alone or with other symbols and elements. The lily tattoo can be made in a variety of different sizes. Because of this, the lily tattoo on the body can be tattooed almost anywhere. Like most tattoos, the lily tattoo can represent a variety of different meanings. The lily tattoo can be designed in a few different colors, most often pink. Lily tattoos and their meaningsIn this article we will show you the meanings of lily tattoo designs and you will have the opportunity to see a variety of different lily tattoo designs. In the end, we hope that you will be able to find ideas and inspiration for your own tattoo.

The meaning of lily tattoos

There are a variety of different meanings that is associated with the lily flower tattoo. The lily flower is also recognized throughout the world. Below you can find the many meanings behind the lily tattoo.

  • purity
  • innocence
  • beauty
  • sexuality
  • chastity
  • Graceful
  • Elegant
  • Exotic
  • wealth
  • Prosperity
  • Love in god
  • Love in faith
  • fertility
  • femininity
  • Virgin Mary

Lily tattoos and their meaningsThe history and meaning of lilies The lily flower is one of the most widely used and recognized flowers in the world. And, having a variety of cultures around the world, the lily flower is very symbolic and important. The beauty of this exotic flower makes the great tattoo design interesting to all. Lily tattoos and their meaningsAs the lily flower is widely used in a variety of different crops, over the centuries, its symbolic meaning has developed very differently between crops. To find the right meaning and association, you need to trace each culture. For example, in Egypt and Greece, the lily flower represented fertility. According to the Chinese, the lily flower symbolizes abundance, purity and innocence. The lily was also a symbol of sexuality for the Greeks. Lily tattoos and their meanings The lily flower is also closely linked to Christianity in other cultures in the world. For Christians, the lily flower is a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Virgin Mary was pure in heart and soul. The lily, does the same thing, namely purity. The lily also stands for innocence and chastity, all linked back to Virgin Mary. Lily tattoos and their meaningsLily tattoos and their meaningsLily tattoos and their meanings


Lily tattoos and their meaningsLily tattoos and their meaningsLily tattoos and their meaningsLily tattoos and their meaningsThere are some very important things to mention before choosing a tattoo. They should make sure and research what the flower they have chosen is meaningful and what it represents. You should choose a tattoo that fits your personality and symbolizes it. Do not be too hasty until you are sure what you want to do because removing a tattoo is hard and expensive. Thanks for your visit. If you feel that the lily tattoo is not for you, you should follow the links below to see more tattoo icons, designs, ideas and meanings.

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