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Phoenix tattoo: meanings and ideas in pictures


Phoenix tattoo: meanings and ideas in pictures

Want a phoenix tattoo ? What does it mean ? Zoom on the phoenix tattoo, its origin plus special selection of our favorite phoenix tattoo ideas.

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Phoenix tattoo: meanings and ideas in pictures

Phoenix tattoo: a mysterious bird

The phoenix , now write phoenix , is a very pretty mysterious bird that is at the base of many legends all over the world. His name is probably of Assyrian origin. The phoenix is ​​a sacred bird with very beautiful plumage – golden, red, purple and blue. He lived for 500-1000 years, after which he set himself on fire and renounced. All mythologies indicate that this bird possessed the capacity to be reborn, here is why it symbolizes rebirth and immortality. He also associates with the god of the Egyptian sun Ra.

Phoenix tattoo: meanings and ideas in pictures

It is believed that the history of the phoenix begins in ancient Egypt. Finally, it is also found in Persian mythology, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian and Slavic. There is a Greek myth that tells its appearance in detail. Indeed, this myth is a mixture of several elements of all the legends of the cultures listed above. The Greek myth is also similar to the Egyptian myth.

Phoenix tattoo: meanings and ideas in pictures


What does the symbol tattoo phoenix according to the Greek myth?

The Greeks believed that the Phoenix lived in Arabia near a source of fresh water. Every morning, at dawn, he bathed in the fountain and sang so well that Apollo, the God of music and light, captivated by his voice, stopped his chariot (the Sun) to listen to his angelic song. Legend has it that the phoenix ate morning dew.

The phoenix is ​​a bird with the ability to regenerate and can not be hurt or killed. He is always alone and unique … The legend says that in a period of time there can be only one phoenix bird in the world that revives its ashes.

Phoenix tattoo: meanings and ideas in pictures

After the expiration of a life cycle, the phoenix builds a fragrant wood nest, cinnamon branches and myrtle and sets it on fire. It burns together with its nest and turns into ashes. Three days passed, he phoenix is ​​alive again, young and strong. He collects the remaining ashes in an egg of myrrh and flew to Heliopolis, where an egg lays on the altar of the God of the sun. Here’s why, for the Greeks, the phoenix is ​​a symbol of the resurrection (Renaissance), immortality , life after death, the triumph over the disasters of fire and some life and the new beginning , but also divine love . In all legends, the phoenix is ​​also a symbol of love.

Phoenix tattoo: meanings and ideas in pictures

The phoenix tattoo symbolizes immortality, fire and love

The Slav peoples, and especially the Russians, call it The firebird . They describe him as a magical bird with colorful and luminous plumage as if his feathers were made of fire. The firebird, the phoenix, lives in the crown of the holy tree. He is the messenger of the divine will, hence his ability to fly between the world of gods and the world of men.

In Chinese mythology, the phoenix lives far away from people in the Kunlun Mountains. Legend has it that there were two phoenixes – male and female. The female phoenix bore the name Huang and symbolized the moon, and the male phoenix was called Feng and symbolized summer and sun. One of the ancient names of the Phoenix is ​​precisely Fenghuang. Later, the gods decide to turn the male and female into a single bird that becomes the symbol of yin and yang , grace, peace and love.


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