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Sparrows Tattoos and meanings

A sparrow tattoo is one of the most unusual tattoo designs today. Here you will find information about the meaning and symbolism of the sparrow tattoo.

The meaning of sparrow tattoo

  • Sparrow tattoos were formerly preferred by sailors. Only sailors who were above the sea were allowed to make a sparrow tattoo on their body.
  • This bird was used to search for appropriate directions, and is therefore known in connection with the Navy or the sailors.
  • These tattoos were also used as memorials to a dead loved one. This concept was popular in ancient Egyptian culture and is widespread even today. Sparrows Tattoos and meanings
  • Although modest and simple, it is considered one of the most intelligent birds and is used as a symbol of wisdom.
  • Like other birds, the sparrow stands for freedom because of his free spirit.
  • They may not be aware of it, but there are also religious and spiritual meanings associated with this tattoo. The sparrow symbolizes God’s grace and care for each and every living being in the world.
  • Although these birds do not symbolize love, the design is made by those who have found true love in life. Resistance in love is a popular meaning.
  • They stand for loyalty. It is believed that when these birds mate, life is long, and therefore, they symbolize faithfulness and permanence in life.

Sparrows Tattoos and meanings

Sparrow Tattoo Designs

There are several interesting designs that you can choose. You can either choose to sit a single sparrow on a branch or a few that fly together. Sparrow tattoos do not necessarily have to be in black and brown color. You can also choose it in other colorful shades such as blue, red, golden, etc. The Celtic Sparrow Tattoo is also favored by many people these days. On the other hand, if you opt for a thoughtful design, other abstract art, twigs, leaves, etc. can add to the Sparrow Tattoo. Sparrows Tattoos and meaningsSo, as a sum of the above, we note that the wisdom, religion, love, loyalty, memory, etc., are some of the popular meanings associated with the sparrow tattoo. Finally, make sure you have a tattoo by a certified professional artist. Sparrows Tattoos and meaningsEspecially one of the most beautiful pictures that comes to our mind is the sparrow tattoo in the Pirates of the Caribbean but you should remember that this tattoo requires a lot of work and skill it should look exactly like the tattoo by Johnny Depp. But of course there are lots of other sparrow tattoos as you can see on the pictures below. Sparrows Tattoos and meaningsSparrows Tattoos and meaningsSparrows Tattoos and meanings


Sparrows Tattoos and meaningsSparrows Tattoos and meaningsSparrows Tattoos and meaningsSparrows Tattoos and meaningsSparrows Tattoos and meaningsSparrows Tattoos and meaningsSparrows Tattoos and meanings

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