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Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs


Superheroes are much loved animated powerful men who have a huge fan following, the right of children to adults. Everyone is in love with superheroes and we all grew up watching, whether in movies or reading comics from Marvel or DC. As far as tattoos are concerned, there is no shortage of drawings that have superheroes ranging from Spider Man, Batman, to your disposition. Come discover the top 20 superheroes of tattoo designs that are smart and unique:

Tattoo superman shoulder

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs the superman design seen in the image seems that if the shoulder of torn fabrics and from below, the famous logo is visible. the big red letter s with yellow background looks amazing and colorful.

Thor tattoo

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs Thor is a fearsome god warrior who has a huge cult among fans. the tattoo here is inked in black and white, with all the symbols associated with this legend, the most famous of them being the hammer which is the main weapon used by this powerful warrior in all his battles. the tattoo looks neat and very intelligent with the name of thor carved in the center.

X men get tattooed

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs the x set of cartoon men seems to come alive in this tattoo design inked on the back, with a multitude of colors that make it interesting to watch. there are a few x-men superheroes to be seen, all in a different avatar and the design looks as if the action is happening in the real one. Tattoo blankets are in demand and people are just crazy for them.

Wolverine tattoo

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs it’s a color portrait of Wolverine’s design played by hugh jackman and shows the anger of the character in detail. the eyes especially seem to be in pain and the claws are carved in an orderly fashion. the whole of the design is very authentic and involves nude and black.

Spiderman tattoo on the back

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs most loved by young and old fans around the world is spider-man alias peter parker. the back of this man is inked with a huge web by means of which the spider is inked. he is tattooed, as if he is locking on the site, and looks pretty cool. green and red are the colors used in abundance on the design that covers the entire back.

Wonder woman tattooing on the thighs

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs the front part of the thigh is inked with a gorgeous tattoo design wonder woman. the pattern looks very engaging and is perfect for women who want to look great and possess powers of this superheroine! the stars inked all around him add charm with a variety of colors on the screen like blue, red and yellow.

Tattoo batman chest

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs

Batman is a beloved superhero of all time and seen here is a colorful, comical scene depicting the muscular superhero fighting a green monster. with the monster, there is a mixture of other bad guys too much inked on the chest. orange and green shading lends brightness for black tattoo.

The Superhero Logos on the forearms

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs With a yellow-colored glow deigns as the background, the logos of all major superheroes are beautifully engraved, such as thor, batman, spider man, captain america, x-men and superman in a jet black. these logos represent every superhero we all admire and are big fans. on the border, there are black dots that add to the enigma of the tattoo.

Robin and batman tattoo

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs Both Robin and Batman are superheroes, loved by all of us, and the tattoo designed on this back seems quite a masterpiece, as it looks real with the face of the joker too, offering an add-on. it looks more like a comic strip and is very interesting.


Realistic batman and tattoo joker

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs a very particular design indeed! here, batman is shown as if in a fight scene with the joker and his accomplices inked in bright colors. the joker looks awesome and scary with his facial expressions so realistic that we almost come to believe it’s a sequence movie rather than a tattoo. black with red makes the design innovative.

Green lantern and other tattoo superheroes

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs the set seems like a marvel of comics with super heroes like green lantern, captain america, batman and superman inked beautifully in different colors. the colors make the tattoo bright and very beautiful. the building at the back looks amazing and realistic.

Several superheroes tramp stamp tattoo

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs

Batman in van goghs starry night tattoo

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs who can forget the famous picture painted by van gogh named “the starry nights”? Well, if you are a fan of Batman too, here is a good opportunity to make these two inked right way! the design is a replica of the paint with an addition of superheroes, which is carved with a batman flashing signal in the sky.

Colorful superman cartoon design

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs sometimes, it is for the pleasure that people, especially men, prefer in ink extracts from comics that they like. we see here a superman band tattooed in the logo that represents the superhero and is very colorful in appearance. Superman is inked wonderfully with a bad guy. we can see a lot of colors that are eye catching.

Robin’s old style and batman back tattoo piece

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs This tattoo design is one of the best choices in the list as it brings back old memories, when these superheroes used to appear on the small screen in a TV series. the design is inked in black and shows the back of the two superheroes, with their garbs flying away as they run to save gotham city from perils of all kinds.

Awesome, full handle superman tattoo

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs Superman could not have looked more beautiful than what can be seen in this tattoo that represents him in his flying avatar. Inked in black, blue and red, the tattoo looks attractive and impressive. the face of the superhero looks like the actor by the name of christopher reeve.

Green lantern tattoo

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs while, previously, I showed you a tattoo design that has superheroes like green lantern and other carved together, here the return of this man is inked with a great pattern of superheroes in the green color that is perfectly combines with other shades like blue and black. the superhero seems amazing with a number of monsters and villains to put up a big fight with him.

Medley of tattoo superheroes on the back

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs the back is tattooed with not one but three superheroes we all love and admire their brave nature, one being the incredible hulk, the second, the suave, the wolverine and the third, a new Canadian superhero named wendigo. the tattoo is so huge that it covers the entire back and is made in black and white. wandigo is seen fighting hulk while wolverine is the name is written in ink. the design looks like a marvel band.

Ripped tattoo superman chest

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs it’s a new trend in the tattoo industry with many men inking these super-heroes of tattoos on his body that look as if his muscles are about to be torn apart, and the superheroes are hide under will tear off their bodies with full force! this is what is seen here as this chest looks more like superman than any other man. The realistic tattoo design of superman costume on the chest looks quite interesting and attractive with bright blue, red and yellow shades.

Hulk tattoo design

Top 20 Superhero Tattoo Designs this tattoo design is amazing just like the incredible hulk that sounds quite scary and real, making it seem like it’s tearing the leg out of the mess like a rock. the look of this tattoo is comical and the incredible hulk inscription on the top looks good.

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