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60 Samurai Tattoos

The word samurai originated from the verb knows it , which corresponds “the one who serves the Lord”. Are noble warriors of feudal Japan who defended the interests of authority and exercised a great power in all spheres of society. His distinctive way of life has influenced behaviors and habits held to this day and is touted as the symbol of the identity of Japanese culture. Be a samurai was task only for a select group. An esteemed and respected figure, they always carried their traditional sword around their waist, symbolizing physical and mental discipline. They faithfully obeyed a peculiar code of non-written conduct based on the Buddhist, Shinto, and Confucian denominations bushido which means the way of the warrior. According to this principle, samurai could not express fear or cowardice in any way . Since death was banal, they always claw, determination and fearlessness – fact that raised him to the most fatal warrior of all antiquity. The samurai they believed that life was limited, but the name of their ancestors, public image and honor permeated forever. Therefore, when they were defeated, they chose their own death instead of living with the weight and guilt of failure. Adopted by the male audience, the samurai tattoos express essentially their warrior strength and spirit. Its figure is linked to the following precepts: loyalty, humility, justice, fidelity, martial spirit, honor, courage and duty . Check out in our gallery 55 suggestions of samurai tattoos and inspire yourself: Picture 1 – The samurai of the land of the rising sun 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 2 – The samurai almost always comes accompanied by a magnificent scenery 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 3 – Samurai apprentice in the arm 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 4 – New School Tattoo 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 5 – Dare and create incredible effects! 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 6 – What about the whole back? 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 7 – With his armor and flowers on his back 60 Samurai Tattoos


Picture 8 – With more delicate and colorful traits 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 9 – To give more personality, add the scenery 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 10 – Do you prefer bolder tattoos? Bet on this in shades of gray 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 11 – In shades of watercolors 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 12 – Who said that the samurai does not fit well on the wrist? 60 Samurai TattoosImage 13 – Samurai with outlines and most striking features 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 14 – Samurai black on the breastplate 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 15 – The effects of light and shadow are perfect! 60 Samurai TattoosImage 16 – Grayscale on the arm 60 Samurai TattoosImage 17 – Valentia, strength and bravura in the field 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 18 – Combat of samurais 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 19 – How about forming a beautiful pair in the legs? 60 Samurai TattoosImage 20 – Grayscale samurai tattoo on the arm 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 21 – Primary colors match perfectly with feudal Japan 60 Samurai TattoosImage 22 – Striking, original and well executed 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 23 – Samurai Hour 60 Samurai TattoosImage 24 – Classic and traditional drawing 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 25 – A noble warrior in the arm 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 26 – Whole body of the samurai in shades of gray in the arm 60 Samurai TattoosImage 27 – The rich robe of the samurai 60 Samurai TattoosImage 28 – Older drawing but full of life 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 29 – Texture of the armor very well worked 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 30 – Old School Tattoo 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 31 – The mighty samurai 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 32 – All covered and watercolored 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 33 – A samurai that fits in your hand 60 Samurai TattoosImage 34 – Samurai Version 2 of the Land of the Rising Sun 60 Samurai TattoosImage 35 – Do you prefer more ironic and funny drawings? Bet the skull samurai 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 36 – Add other elements to give your tattoo more personality 60 Samurai TattoosImage 37 – Samurai in shades of gray on the chest 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 38 – Samurai tattoo in shades of gray on the arm 60 Samurai TattoosImage 39 – Samurai were cherry pickers 60 Samurai TattoosImage 40 – Loyalty and Honor Always 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 41 – Samurai x tiger on the back 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 42 – The texture behind gives more prominence in the realistic tattoo 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 43 – Always accompanied by your geisha 60 Samurai TattoosImage 44 – Posture of a winner 60 Samurai TattoosImage 45 – Colorful, vibrant and with cherry blossoms 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 46 – Samurai and his horse in times of war 60 Samurai TattoosImage 47 – Remarkable Samurai and the resplendent sun 60 Samurai TattoosImage 48 – Differentiated textures of samurai mask 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 49 – Face of the samurai with armor and helmet 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 50 – Realistic in shades of gray in the arm 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 51 – Making your head! 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 52 – How about a more feminine version? 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 53 – Vintage Samurai 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 54 – Modern and cheerful 60 Samurai TattoosPicture 55 – Samurai tattoo in shades of gray in the hand 60 Samurai TattoosImage 56 -Nobres warriors who prefer sacrifice to live with defeat 60 Samurai TattoosImage 57 – Samurai face full of personality! 60 Samurai TattoosImage 58 – Watercolor strokes give the tattoo more beauty 60 Samurai TattoosImage 59 – All over the arm looks incredible! 60 Samurai TattoosImage 60 – Precious details that make all the difference to the samurai tattoo 60 Samurai Tattoos

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