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70 Tattoo Pin-ups

Symbol of femininity, the pin-up , in essence, represents the idealized version of the woman at a given time . They are beautiful models whose slim bodies and voluptuous curves enchanted, enveloped, and determined patterns of beauty and behavior . Although the provocative attitude was latent with his seductive outfits, the pin-ups they were never vulgar – consider inviting. His posture reveals subtle, unpretentious, and even naive sensuality either with his elegant and classic style as well as his charming smiles capable of sensitizing and dissolving any prejudices. Although the term pin-up emerged in the 1940s – at the height of its success and in which women’s liberation took its first steps – its origin takes us to the end of the 19th century. The magazine theater was at its peak and for better dissemination of the spectacles, images of the dancers began to print posters and posters. The success was so great that these illustrations, paintings and photographs were reproduced in large scale for various media, such as magazines, postcards, cigarette packs, calendars. It was also created, specialized magazines called girlie magazines in which the habit of preaching the most attractive pin-ups has become usual. It was from World War II, along with the American soldiers, that the English term came up pin-up girl which means to hang, to fix the images of the beautiful women with perfect silhouettes. The intention here was to supply solitude and bring up the morale of the combatants. This practice gained enormous popularity that even the American government used such figures on military posters as well as on fighter jets. The pin-up, at this time, is not restricted to the role of libertine icon, but also reaches the rank of warrior deity and represents the power and confidence of the woman. Forerunners of the female movement and a symbol of pop culture, the pin-ups have since acquired the admiration of women in the pursuit of inspiration as well as the activation of their attitudes and behaviors. Already for men, the pin-ups still permeate their imagination as both the archetype of ideal woman as well as stimulus of desire. Check out in our selection below 70 images of incredible pin-up tattoos and get inspired: Picture 1 – Lucille Ball 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 2 – How about a contemporary pinup? 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 3 – Choose an element and highlight it 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 4 – Realistic pinup tattoo on the thigh 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 5 – I have the strength! 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 6 – New School Tattoo 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 7 – The most famous and graceful pinup of all time: Betty Boop 70 Tattoo Pin-ups


Picture 8 – Charming, delicate and fun! 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 9 – Enjoy the arm area and stamp the whole body of the pinup 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 10 – Colorful mechanical pinup on the leg 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 11 – A pinup full of attitude and style in the arm 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 12 – We love America 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 13 – Imprisoned by love 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 14 – Pinup in shades of gray in the arm 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 15 – Do you prefer a modern pinup version? Choose this one! 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 16 – Iconic, mysterious and enigmatic 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 17 – Old School Tattoo 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 18 – Romantic, passionate and full of love to give! 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 19 – One of the most famous contemporary pin-ups: Dita Von Teese 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 20 – Pin-ups as a sex symbol 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 21 – Today time flies, love 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 22 – How about two pin-ups featured on the arm? 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 23 – What if there was a pin-up man? 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 24 – To the Marilyn Monroe 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 25 – Contemporary pin-up Marge Simpson 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 26 – Air of naivety with your cute dog 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 27 – Delicate, subtle and elegant 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 28 – A pin-up in honor of your special friends 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 29 – Outlined curves and slender body 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 30 – Do you prefer a realistic version? Choose this one! 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 31 – The pin-ups also stamped the walls of various mechanics 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 32 – Pin-up in shades of gray with unpretentious attitude 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 33 – Let’s fly, baby 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 34 – Who does not remember this iconic pose? 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 35 – Strong and firm traits translate the spirit of the beautiful pin-ups 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 36 – Symbol of military defense 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 37 – Pin-up tattoo with sensual pose on the arm 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 38 – A pin-up and its wrench 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 39 – Contemporary version of the pin-up 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 40 – Petit colored pin-up on the arm 70 Tattoo Pin-upsScreenshot 41 – Burlesque model: the beginning of pin-ups 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 42 – Graceful and charming: can resist? 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 43 – How about a warrior and modern pin-up? 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 44 – Precursor of the female movement 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 45 – A la Dita Von Teese 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 46 – Seductive, flashy and incredibly beautiful 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 47 – Realistic, colorful and sensual 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 48 – Marilyn Monroe is one of the most consecrated pin-ups 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 49 – A lemon caipirinha 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 50 – The origin of tattoos is strictly related to pin-ups 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 51 – Together with the sailors 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 52 – Colored pin-up tattoo on the leg 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 53 – The origin of the pin-up in the burlesque era 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 54 – Try to stamp the entire body of the pin-ups to make more sense to your tattoo 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 55 – Seduction the flower of skin 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 56 – Classic and traditional 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 57 – Grayscale on the arm 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 58 – How about a manga version? 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 59 – Pin-up sexy and full of glamor 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 60 – Realistic, monochromatic and seductive 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 61 – 100% American version 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 62 – Old School Tattoo 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 63 – Realistic and friendly 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 64 – Modern and full of style! 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 65 – Beware of appearance 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 66 – Incredibly beautiful on the arm 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 67 – Mermaid 70 Tattoo Pin-upsImage 68 – Marine version 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 69 – A proof of friendship 70 Tattoo Pin-upsPicture 70 – Provocative! 70 Tattoo Pin-ups

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