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Heart tattoo: ideas for a stylish little tattoo

Heart tattoo: ideas for a stylish little tattoo

In the song of the French band Rouge Rouge, “Love” , the lyrics are very simple and yet very deep. They consist of only one word: “Love, love, love .

And yes, love … If you have decided to make yourself a heart tattoo it’s most likely love, right?

Zoom on the origin of the iconic pictogram plus selection of the best little heart tattoos.

Heart tattoo: love forever

Heart tattoo: ideas for a stylish little tattoo

Indeed, the heart is a symbol used since the beginning of time. What does it represent? Its historical origins are indeed difficult to determine, but we know that it was already used as a symbol during antiquity.

Heart tattoo: ideas for a stylish little tattoo

If you have ever seen a photo of a real human heart, you know very well that it does not have the ideal shape in drawing. Today, the heart tattoo is seen rather as an idealized representation of the human heart, but it is above all a symbol of romantic love. At the time it was not the case at all …

Brief history on the origins of the heart symbol

The origins of the heart symbol remain unclear. Some historians admit that the emblematic pictogram is probably derived from the form of ivy leaves which symbolized fidelity among the Greeks and Romans. Others say that its shape was inspired by that of seines or buttocks. It remains to be seen …

Heart tattoo: ideas for a stylish little tattoo

Interestingly, Buddhists also used a symbol similar to that of the drawn heart. However, in their culture, it was representative of a fig leaf symbolizing enlightenment.

There is also a theory that the shape of the drawn heart is derived from an ancient plant called ” silphium “(Which no longer exists today). This plant was used as a miracle cure for pregnant women and some diseases. There is therefore a symbolic link between the mother, the child and the leaves of this plant reminiscent of the heart.


Indeed, the heart was not associated with love until the thirteenth – sixteenth century. People at the time saw the human heart as a book open to God in which he “wrote” and guided the human. At first, love was always linked to God. Romantic love between two beings only appears much later in the Renaissance.

Heart tattoo: ideas for a stylish little tattoo

Today, for many, the heart is the ultimate symbol of love and celebration of the Valentine’s Day . The heart is also the center of the emotional, the feelings and the affection. Let’s not forget that the heart is also the most important organ. A unique human organ, the heart is responsible for the proper functioning of all other organs. He’s always hot …

Heart tattoo: ideas for a stylish little tattoo

The heart tattoo: a symbol rich in interpretations

You see that the symbol of heart we know today has gone through the times. Many interpretations were granted to them. However, he was always a symbol of something positive and indirectly related to love. It was not romantic love, but love in all its forms: the love between mother and child, faithful and God.

Heart tattoo: ideas for a stylish little tattoo

A big or a small heart tattoo?

To tattoo a heart we will bring you only happiness! Symbol of fidelity, of enlightenment and above all of the emotional … The heart is a positive symbol and rich in meanings.

A big or a small heart tattoo? It depends on your desires, but also where you want to tattoo. On the finger, it will be rather small and minimalist Tattooed on the thigh, ankle or forearm, it can take a larger and detailed shape.


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